dal 7 al 23 luglio 2013 - Sesta edizione MUSICA E LETTERATURA TRA GLI AFFRESCHI
Workshop culturale in Arcumeggia e dintorni

Momenti Musicali
(Musical Moments) is a non-profit cultural Association located in
Cuveglio (Varese). Since 2007 the Association has been promoting artistic music in Alto Varesotto
through musical and cultural events in unique and special places. Places are chosen for
their distinguishing characteristics from architectural, historical and landscape perspectives. The
Association is blessed with access to some of the renowned jewels located on the Lombard side
of upper Maggiore Lake – Palazzo Perabò in Cerro di Laveno, St. Anthony’s Church in Castelveccana, St. Peter’s Church in Gemonio, Cassano Valcuvia Theatre.
From the inaugural year the Association has been supported and funded by the following bodies:
City Hall, local Pro Loco associations, local sponsors, the Verbano Valley Mountain Community, the non-profit Varesotto Community Foundation, Provincia di Varese and Varese Land of Tourism. These entities have been key elements in buttressing each and every event in conjunction with the unfailing efforts and commitment of the many volunteers who get involved to meet the myriad of organisational demands behind the Association’s mission to bring music to the public.
Remaining faithful to its guide lines Momenti Musicali has, since 2010, offered members of the
association two noteworthy events to enjoy in july:

The Music and Literature in the frescoes Festival: winding through the natural beauty and charm of Arcumeggia di Casalzuigno village and three surrounding towns (Cassano Valcuvia, Cuvio and Castelveccana) the public, numbering in the thousands, is gathered and enveloped within the welcoming arms of rare and remarkable natural splendour. In this unique setting, people can enjoy amongst other offerings, music/literary workshops, concerts-lectures and educational talks.
The International Piano Festival: since its inauguration this leading event in the Association’s
programming has taken place in the charming Cassano Valcuvia Art Nouveau theatre. As a result of its prestige the festival has been included in the European Union funded Interreg circuit. Furthermore, from its first presentation the event has boasted a Fazioli Grand piano.

The Association’s artistic director and artistic director for two Festivals is as ever the esteemed
pianist Adalberto Maria Riva.
Associazione Culturale - APS Momenti Musicali - 21030 Cuveglio - Varese - Via Piemonte, 1 - C.F. 92021270126